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S202 is a limited edition STi version 7 (bugeye) model that was produced in 2002.

It achieved and surpassed all the performance enhancements of the light-weight, bare bones ringer the STI type RA - while retaining and adding some of STI's more "refined sports car" attributes.

Among other things it featured:

  • a 320 horsepower version of STi's ej207 boxer engine
  • STi Spec C roof vent
  • STi S202 carbon fiber wing (featuring a different base from the STI carbon fiber wing)
  • STi front mount oil cooler
  • bronze RAYS Engineering STi 10-spoke wheels (bearing a similarity in appearance to Volk Racing CE28N wheels)
  • STi titanium exhaust
  • STi Suede bucket seats
  • Projector headlights (all other RA models had been switched to reflector headlights similar to the USDM bugeye WRX - which weigh substantially less than the projectors)
  • Matte black dash trim

Production was limited to 400 units, all of which were supposedly pre-sold.

It introduced the sonic yellow color which would be offered as a general us-spec WRX color in 2003, replacing 2002's limited blaze yellow color.