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The NASIOC Forums are the central hub for discussion among the club members. Forum membership is free; although additional features are available for NASIOC Supporters.


Forum Rules

NASIOC Membership Rules and Forum Regulations

  1. Any Subaru enthusiast can freely visit the NASIOC website and post messages on the forums.
  2. While the club is very Impreza oriented, any Subaru owner can become an official member.
  3. Subaru enthusiasts from Outside of North America are welcome to become an honorary member of the club.
  4. NASIOC Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit any and all content of the forums.
  5. The views, and opinions, expressed on NASIOC are not necessarily those of NASIOC or it's administrators. NASIOC and it's administrators are not held responsible for views or opinions posted in the forums.
  6. Members are limited to one username on NASIOC, creating extra usernames will result in deletion of accounts.
    Prohihibited Types of Posts on NASIOC Include:
    1. Links to copywritten Subaru of America material (factory service manuals).
    2. Carfax requests.
    3. Links to or requests for software serial numbers, warez, mp3s, illegal software, etc.
    4. NWS (Not Work Safe) material. This can include everything from websites about hate groups to pornography.
    5. Misleading links. A misleading link is a text link that says one thing and takes you to another site.
    6. Links to websites that contain crazy pop-ups, make your CD tray open, or otherwise disturb your computer.
    7. Weapon sales of any kind
  7. No hotlinking images or "leaching" images from other websites, please host any images you might want to post on nasioc on your own or approved webspace.
  8. Any profanity or pornography (or internet links to them) are strictly prohibited on the NASIOC forums.
  9. The forums use a “swear filter” to block profanity, using symbols or creative spelling in order to “dodge” the filter is prohibited.
  10. Personal attacks directed towards other members and other websites are strictly prohibited on the NASIOC forums.
  11. No CROSS-POSTING of topics is allowed in the forums. Definition of Cross-Posting: posting the same thread, or a link to the original thread, in more than one forum. This will get you put into TimeOut.
  12. No post whoring. This is where one creates a lot of small, worthless posts to increase their post count.
  13. Absolutely no "elite" style (***, @@@, iMpReZa) or all caps writing is allowed anywhere on the forums, especially in the subject lines.
  14. All Off-Topic posts must be posted in the Off-Topic forum. Please try and keep off-topic posts to a minimum.
  15. Trolls are not welcome on the NASIOC website.
  16. Please always try and be considerate of your fellow NASIOC members. The club is comprised of men and women, young and old, white, black, and all shades in between. Please keep this in mind when posting.
  17. No ethnic, religious belief or sexual preference "bashing" will be tolerated.
  18. No flame wars, if a topic appears inflammatory, the moderators will take care of it.
  19. Street racing posts of ANY kind, illegal or otherwise, must be posted in the Off-Topic forum or they will be deleted without question. NASIOC does not support illegal street racing in any way, shape or form.
  20. Posts that contain items for sale or items wanted to buy must be posted in their appropriate section of the Classifieds forum.
  21. User names, signatures or locations that contain URL’s to websites with parts, service or items for sale are not allowed UNLESS the user is a REGISTERED Vendor with NASIOC.
  22. Vendors who wish to promote products or service to the club must be registered with a Vendor status. Information on becoming a vendor can obtained by writing to [email protected] Please use "NASIOC Vendor Request" in the subject of the e-mail.
  23. The NASIOC vendor fees help pay for operation costs of this site in order to keep the site free for all other members. A Vendor label is located below the vendors screen name to identify Registered Vendors of the site. Non-registered vendor advertisements on this site are not allowed. Please report any advertisement by a non-registered vendor to the moderator of the forum immediately. For more information please visit this thread here:

NASIOC NON-Registered Vendor Specific Rules

  1. Posting of your company name is allowed, but links are not - this includes the company web site, any company email addresses, phone numbers and/or physical address. Posting is defined as any text which is in the body of a post or reply and/or any text located within your profile information (web site link, location, vehicle information, etc).
  2. Any forum login that contains a domain name will be further looked into. If it is found that your domain includes automotive business that is vending in nature, it will be changed by a forum administrator and you will be notified by email. The only exception to this rule will be for registered vendors.
  3. Posting links to technical articles on the company web site is disallowed. Please post the article as a thread instead. It is to your discretion whether any images included will be links or displayed, but other links to your web site are still strictly disallowed.
  4. Your WWW link is not to be to your company's web site. (it doesn't matter on their email addresses as they're not displayed anyways since all emails go through the board)
  5. Any mention of selling, pricing, availabilty or product you carry will be deleted and warning points will be issued. This is considered vending and is disallowed without being a registered vendor.
  6. You will be held to the 3 strike rule. First is a freebee, to inform you what you've done wrong and remind you of these rules. The second will be a strict warning and possibly a timeout. The third will be a timeout judged on a case-by-case basis, possibly permanent.

NASIOC Registered Vendor Specific Rules

  1. Vendors must post all commercially oriented messages in designated Vendor Classified forums as listed below. Vendors must start all commercially oriented threads with their NASIOC Vendor Account, including events, track days and dyno days. Threads may not be started on your behalf by non-vendors.
    1. Vendor Announcements (only announcements, news, events, and upcoming products, NO SELLING!!!)
    2. Vendor ‘For Sale’ Classifieds (only items that are in-stock may be posted here)
    3. Vendor ‘Group Buy’ Classifieds (only one group buy per vendor is allowed open at any time)
    4. Regional/Chapter Vendor Classified Sub-Forums (located within the Regional/Chapter Forums)
      1. Vendors are allowed up to two(2) open threads in their area's regional/chapter forum. (refer to vendor rule #5)
  2. Any commercially oriented message posted outside the these forums listed above will be deleted (not moved) by the NASIOC moderators. Please locate your posts accordingly.
  3. Vendors are encouraged to interact with members of this site and may post replies only to threads started by members in any forum if they feel they can provide useful content.
  4. Vendors may start new threads in the technical forums for the purposes of research and development or product interest. You may not however include pricing in these threads. These threads will only be used to gauge interest, and WILL NOT be used to sell, if they are, the thread will be deleted immediately and the vendor warned.
  5. Vendors are allowed to have one(1) active thread per sub-forum category under the Vendor 'For Sale' Classfieds. This means you have the potential to have as many threads as there are sub-forums open at any given time, but only one per sub-forum. In order to open a new thread you MUST close the existing thread so it is no longer open to new posts. You can do this by clicking the "Thread Tools" link in the blue bar on top of the thread and choosing "Close Thread" (or "Open Thread") from the drop down menu then clicking "Perform Action" to close (or open) the thread. If you would like help with this, please contact a vendor area moderator or email [email protected] Vendors who are found not closing their old thread before opening a new thread will be punished depending on how many times this has happened in the recent past.
  6. When conducting a group buy, or group discount purchase, vendors will be allowed 90 days from the start of their group buy until it must be closed and product shipped. If a vendor requires more time than the 90 days to complete the transactions, they must contact the board administration PRIOR to the 90 day expiration for an extension. If there is not sufficient proof that the items for the group buy have been purchased, or are on their way for delivery, the group buy will be halted until a majority vote, of all participating NASIOC members in the group buy, determines if the group buy continues or stops.
  7. NASIOC Registered Vendors who cannot follow these simple rules will be warned by NASIOC administration. If after this warning the vendor continues to break the rules, then the vendor will be removed from the site as per the Vendor Membership Contract. Vendors also risk losing their NASIOC vendor status for any group buy that end without a completed sale for all participants of a group buy.


Warning Points System

Any of the following various warnings can be assessed to you for disobeying the rules of the site. At anytime if you reach 25, or more, warning points your account will be placed in a ban status, and you will be unable to view the forums. In this case you will have to speak with a moderator or administration to see if you will be allowed back into the forums again. Please note: These points do not go away over time.[2]

  1. Warning Level 1: (name / points)
    1. Being a Tool! / 1
    2. Spamming / 2
    3. Multiple Posting / 2
    4. Misleading Link / 2
    5. Insubordination / 3
  2. Warning Level 2: (name / points)
    1. Vending without Vendor Membership / 3
    2. Dodging The Swear Filter / 3
    3. Posting Inappropriate Content / 5
    4. Flaming / 6
  3. Warning Level 3: (name / points)
    1. Disrespect Towards Forum Leaders / 8
    2. Racist / Prejudice Remarks / 9
  4. Warning Level 100: (name / points)
    1. TROLL BAN / 100 (troll ban results in the immediate ban of your NASIOC account)