Periodic Review of NASIOC

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Periodic Review of NASIOC
Format Internet video news-magazine
Created by Adam Weinreich, Tyler Kleven
Country of origin USA
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 5 (List of episodes)
Running time Ca. 20 – 30 Minutes
Original run Feb 07, 2007 – present
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PRoN, or Periodic Review of NASIOC, is a periodically released internet video news-magazine from AlacriJax Productions. It is produced and hosted by alacrity024 (Adam Weinreich) and eurojax (Tyler Kleven). Episodes, usually 20-30 minutes long, consist of various recurring bits such as: Cribz, Your Neck of the Woods, Project Cars, and Real Forum Members of Genius. The series is produced entirely over the web, but filmed primarily in New Hampshire and Alaska.


PRoN was originally founded in October of 2006, with the release of its first episode coming in February of 2007. The two producers live in opposite sides of the country; alacrity024 in New Hampshire, and eurojax in Alaska. The distance has presented extraordinary challenges, requiring the show to be completely web-based.

Preceding PRoN, alacrity024 (and to a lesser extent eurojax) worked on This Week in OT (TWIOT), an audio update, dreamed up by a bored alacrity024. This weekly show caught up Off-Topic users on the week's important posts. Alacrity024's first TWIOT was produced solely by him, but after the success of TWIOT in the Off-Topic forum, eurojax sent alacrity024 a private message asking if he could be a contributor. This was the first observed interaction between the two. TWIOT continued sporadically for two years but a new episode has not been released in some time.

During the Summer of 2006, eurojax began work on an ill-fated and never-seen show called "Welcome to the Internet" (WTTI). This was the predecessor of PRoN's host-driven, episodic format. Before the show began, eurojax quickly recruited alacrity024 as a writer and contributor. WTTI was never shown outside of a handful of people.

After WTTI's collapse, alacrity024 and eurojax began work on a Subaru and car-related version of the previous shows. This is where PRoN started and Alacrijax Productions began.



There are currently five episodes available to the public. Episode 5 was released on January 30, 2008.

Review Crew

Beginning with Episode 4, a crew was assembled with people from all across the US to help contribute to PRoN episodes.


A DVD containing all six episodes of season 1 has been discussed. Commentary, making of, out-takes and special features of the season have been talked about, no word on release date but all signs point to the end of summer.

Episode links

Episode 1:
Part 1
Episode 2:
Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 3:
Part 1
Episode 4:
Part 1 | Part 2
Episode 5:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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