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Welcome to the NASIOC Wiki,
the encyclopedia of Subaru and Impreza articles culled from the members and collective knowledge of the NASIOC Forums.
There are currently 481 articles edited by 2,412 users.


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OBD-II (Or OBD2, OBD-2, OBDII, etc) is an industry standard for automotive computer diagnostics and related equipment. Since the 1996 model year, it has been mandatory on all cars sold in the United States.

Periodic Review of NASIOC

PRoN, or Periodic Review of NASIOC, is a periodically released internet video news-magazine from AlacriJax Productions. It is produced and hosted by alacrity024 (Adam Weinreich) and eurojax (Tyler Kleven). Episodes, usually 20-30 minutes long, consist of various recurring bits, such as: Cribz, Your Neck of the Woods, Project Cars, Real Forum Members of Genius. The series is produced entirely on the web, but filmed primarily in New Hampshire and Alaska.

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